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The upgrading of the level of the mechanical manufacturing in China and the change of high end nationalization

2016/7/12      view:

        Large scale domesticJIAYE machineryManufacturing industry is currently facing the development bottleneck, market scale in the short term is difficult to break, but the high-end market to meet capacity is inadequate, resulting in the machinery industry in 2012 the industry growth rate among the 12 major domestic industry in the penultimate position. At present, the deep impact of the international financial crisis continue to appear, international trade protectionism, together with the global industry competes more hasten is intense, developed countries and emerging economies have been introduced, implementation to revive the real economic policy, promote the re industrialization strategy, which of China's machinery industry formed drag after the double attack.

        Although the introduction of relevant policies revealed the vast market of machinery manufacturing industry, but the high-end market, but also limited the development of the domestic machinery manufacturing industry. Gold mold machinery network chief analyst Luo Baihui believes that the current downturn in the international economy at this stage, China's machinery manufacturing industry technical loopholes will undoubtedly provide opportunities for foreign domestic market. It is urgent to improve the level of mechanical manufacturing and to change the state of high end.

        China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Cai Weici said that the future of the machinery industry will be difficult to achieve ultra high speed growth, but still maintain a moderate growth. On the one hand, the industrialization of our country in the middle period of the rapid growth in demand for the support of rapid economic growth, after entering the industrialization in the late, the inevitable with the demand growth slowed and slowed down; on the other hand, increasing the growth quality requirements will be forced to industrial machinery to accelerate innovation driven, and high-end equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries of strategic importance will gradually become the supporting point.

        It consulting firm IDC released the Chinese manufacturing industry white paper "China's manufacturing industry development process is divided into three stages, namely: with low labor costs, and access to competitive advantage, by using advanced mechanical equipment, realize the industrialization stage, by using information technology to realize the information stage. Information technology will be through the product and business model innovation to help enterprises to focus on the development of the "knowledge" of the work, so as to achieve operational innovation and business growth.

        Information technology will be the future development trend of domestic machinery manufacturing industry, also break due to cost pressures, such as causing the dilemma of the development of an important means, leading information technology and industrialization of the depth of integration, especially for group enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and backbone enterprises, manufacturing enterprises to provide technical support to enhance the core competitiveness, for the manufacturing industry from the production manufacturing to "service type" manufacturing shift to provide technical support, for our country the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry to provide technical support.

        The power of information has gradually emerged in all walks of life. Luo Baihui believes that the current lack of domestic machinery industry innovation, to a large extent is a combination of information technology and industrialization is insufficient. With the application of cloud technology, mobile technology and intelligent operation in the field of machinery more and more widely.JIAYE machineryOnly by constantly adapting to the manufacturing industry and integration of information technology trends, the industry can better grasp the development opportunities, to get rid of the current development of low tide.