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Current situation of seamless steel pipe industry in China

2016/7/12      view:

       China seamless steel pipe industry in the new century, after more than ten years of rapid development, has become the world's largest seamless steel pipe production and consumer countries. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the seamless steel pipe industry in our country development of a thriving, annual output accounted for the proportion of the world has been stable at around 70%. At present, China has built all kinds of advanced seamless steel pipe production line more than 500, with a total capacity of 4500 tons. In recent years, with the continuous construction and transformation of many advanced production lines, China's seamless steel tube industry production capacity concentration and manufacturing level has been further enhanced. But at the same time, the seamless steel pipe production slowdown, table apparent consumption or even decline, the capacity and low-end products has behind the still exists in a large amount, the seamless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises operating rate and net profit growth and productivity growth to form a great contrast, some enterprises even serious losses. The domestic and international economic development situation is grim, world economic recovery process of twists and turns and slow, the tone of the economic development of China by the rapid growth of the past change for steady growth, structural adjustment, external and domestic demand growth rate down will greatly restrict the rapid growth of the seamless steel pipe production. It can be predicted that China's seamless steel pipe industry is about to enter a depth adjustment period, the competition will be more intense, production capacity and the structure of the varieties will be in constant market competition in the formation of a new pattern.

       China Market Research Network released worldwide and China seamless steel pipe project feasibility analysis and development trend forecast report (2015 Edition) that: in 2013 the steel pipe production reached 7979 tons, an increase of 7.67%. Among them, the seamless steel pipe production 2962.8 tons, an increase of 5.08%; welded pipe production 5016.2 tons, an increase of 7.7%. On the export side, in 2013 the export of 900 tons of steel pipe, an increase of 1.61%. Among them, the seamless steel pipe exports 512 tons, down 1.61%. Is expected in 2014 China steel consumption 82 million tons, an increase of 3%, which 3200 million tons of seamless steel pipe, welded pipe 5000 million tons; steel exports about 950 million tons, an increase of 5%, which 520 million tons of seamless steel pipe, pipe 430 million tons. Real estate, machinery, oil and gas, foreign trade is the most important steel tube consumer market, accounting for more than 50% of the total consumption.

       2014 industrial development of the steel pipe market demand, despite the seamless steel tube industry in China has been eliminated faster than the rate of production capacity, but the base is still large. In 2013, China's GDP growth rate was 7.7%, for three consecutive years of decline in the growth rate, economic slowdown makes oil, electricity and machinery and other downstream is mainly used pipe industry decline in demand, and shrinking export area, increasingly fierce competition in the main export countries, the price war in the past two years has become increasingly prominent, now stage seamless pipe exports more is to ease the pressure on domestic production capacity, only a few enterprises high-end variety profit fairly good, most export varieties showed a profit, even by tax rebates to maintain, which makes more countries of China's seamless pipe products to implement dual provide can. In 2014, more and more tone rolled billet enterprises cost pressures forced the, the price advantage has gradually lost, exports and improve their product quality is imminent, and some enterprises due to shortage of funds has bright "red light", so in 2014 whether domestic or foreign market competition will be even more cruel. But everything has two sides, in the harsh market environment, is conducive to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's seamless pipe industry, to provide conditions for the further development of China's seamless tube industry. Second: seamless steel pipe spraying phosphating. This is mainly the zinc series phosphating, zinc phosphating film structure with needle, snowflake like, flake based, structure is relatively loose, zinc phosphating film appearance is grey. The aim is to improve the adhesion of the paint film to the workpiece, so there is a big gap between the rust prevention effect and manganese series phosphating.

       Third kinds: seamless steel pipe spraying phosphate phosphorus. In general, after phosphating treatment, the protection of phosphating film can be increased more than 5 times.

       Seamless steel tube because of its hollow cross-section characteristics, is widely used as a transmission fluid pipeline, such as the transmission of oil, natural gas, coal gas, water and other solid materials of the pipeline. Compared to the seamless steel pipe and steel, such as the solid steel, anti bending and anti torsion strength in phase at the same time, the weight is light, the is a kind of economic section steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as drill pipe, automobile transmission shaft, self frame as well as the construction of the steel foot hand rack and so on. With steel pipe manufacturing annular parts, not only can improve material utilization rate, simplify the manufacturing process, but also can save the materials and working hours, such as rolling bearing ferrule, Jack sets etc., has been widely made of steel pipe.

       China is a developing country, in quite a long period of economic development in steel demand larger, according to the business information network statistics show that from January to July 2012 China seamless steel pipe production for 1 million tons production has for many years lived in the world first.