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Simple discussion on industry characteristics of machinery industry

2016/7/12      view:

        The so-called machinery industry, as long as it is related to the machinery industry can be said to be the machinery industry, this is divided into a broad sense of the machinery industry and the narrow sense of the machinery industry.

        Starting from the production characteristics, we can see that the mechanical manufacturing industry has the main features of the main features of the main features of the discrete, process, and assembly. Taking equipment manufacturing as an example, the production mode is generally composed of individual components, which is a typical discrete industry. Although the process of automobile manufacturing industry, such as die casting, surface treatment, is a process, but most of the process is characterized by discrete. Based on the above industry characteristics, the machinery industry in the production and operation process has the following characteristics:

        Production planning and production task management tasks are arduous. Typical discrete type machinery manufacturing enterprises due to mainly engaged in single piece and small batch production, the process change frequently, due mainly to organize production according to the order, it is difficult to predict the order comes in when. Therefore, for procurement and production workshop plan requires a good production planning system.

        Automation level is relatively low. Machinery manufacturing enterprises is mainly due to the discrete processing, product quality and productivity, to a large extent, dependent on the skills of the workers, major in automation at the unit level, such as CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems.

        Process flow is simple and clear, the process route is flexible, and the manufacturing resource is difficult to coordinate. Machinery industry product structure clear and clear. Machinery manufacturing enterprise product structure can be described by the number of concepts, the final product must be a fixed number of parts or components, these relations are very clear and fixed. Order oriented machinery manufacturing industry is characterized by multi variety and small batch. Therefore, the machinery manufacturing industry production equipment layout is generally not according to the product but according to the process of the, the process of each product may not the same, and can be carried out with a processing technology of machine tools have more than one. Therefore, the need for the processing of materials to be scheduled, and the intermediate goods need to carry.

        1. Machinery industry is closely related to the national economy, which belongs to the cyclical industry. At the same time, the industry belongs to the capital, technology and labor intensive industries, the current industry is in a mature period, the growth rate is low.

        2.Machinery industry, a large number of sub industry, product coverage is wide, the level of industry technology is uneven, in addition to a small number of advanced manufacturing technology industry, most of the industry does not have a monopoly. At the same time, the industry is highly competitive, low production concentration, low level of productivity, scientific research level can not keep up with the needs of innovation, the whole point of view, less investment opportunities in the industry.

        3.Due to the impact of the regional environment, uneven development of the machinery industry, the eastern region in terms of input, output and efficiency are the absolute advantage, the central and western regions are basically in a weak position. In recent years, as the country continued to increase the development of the western region, the situation is gradually changing, although the absolute amount of the eastern region continues to grow significantly, but the proportion is declining.

        4.From the machinery industry sales output value distribution, the mechanical product market is mainly domestic demand driven. In recent years, the export growth rate of mechanical products is very fast, but the total production and development is faster, the proportion of the share of export products is still limited, basically maintained at about 20% 15%.

        5. General petrochemical machinery, agricultural machinery, instruments, machinery foundation pieces of four sub industry gross value of industrial output in machinery industry in the first four name, total industrial output value exceeds the 100 billion yuan, together accounted for 69% of the total production value of machinery industry, in the industry occupies a pivotal position.

        6. Construction machinery industry is machinery industry is the fastest growing sub sectors, profit margins in the machinery industry in the first place, followed by petrochemical general machinery, instrumentation, machine industry and food packaging machinery industry, agricultural machinery profit rate lowest operating performance is the worst.

        7. WeJIAYE machinerySelection of Listed Companies in the industry to develop the basic principle is: with the national economy and the national fixed asset investment is closely related to and benefit from the recent listed companies, as well as the emergence of substantial acquisition reorganizing the performance of substantial growth and subsequent continued support for the performance of listed companies.