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Chinese and German machinery manufacturing competition: China is expected to beat Germany into the world's darling

2016/7/12      view:

    Previously, for the mechanical manufacturing has been the pride of Germany. However, nowadays China's machinery manufacturing is quietly growing, especially engineering machinery manufacturing industry has to catch up, Germany began to worry about, in the face of the enormous pressure of China Construction machinery, Germany really afraid of??

    German machinery and equipment manufacturers association chairman Lindner pointed out that over the past few years, Chinese manufacturers in the field of mechanical standard "catch up", and is now worth taking seriously the competitors. The same is true in other parts of the world. German construction machinery association president Bauer (ThomasBauer) analysis, Chinese companies have a substantial occupation of the African market, while also trying to set foot in the European market.

    Lintner said it is difficult to say, when the Chinese enterprises to become a leader in the future, when the global market is still open to the European door. However, after a period of downturn in the state, the German machinery manufacturing industry hopes to be able to get better soon. At present, the German machinery manufacturers have felt the power of China's development.

    And Oliver Wyman, a consultancy, engineering machinery market experts Luo Meide - Culp predicted. In German the fierce competition, the Chinese construction machinery manufacturers will be expected to win, "Chinese enterprises in ideal state, because they have emerging market needs and priorities: durability, simple technology, reasonable price, and the user can self repair".

    Although for Western companies, high-tech niche markets still exist, but the market does not like the mass market as strong growth. Because of the rapid economic growth of the region is not Western Europe and the United States, but the emerging industrial countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kampuchea and some African countries.

    Although the German manufacturer of the emerging markets in the industrial market is full of confidence, but Kelp believes that the reality is often different from the expected. "Western manufacturers are usually not suitable for products in these areas," he said, where the technology is advanced and the sales potential of the high-end products is limited.

    Good performance, reasonable price, high ratio of performance to price is the biggest advantage of mechanical products in China, but the face of the challenges of competitors we need to guard against arrogance and rashness, and constantly open up, continuous innovation, constantly to high-end technology to challenge, way streched endless ahead, China's machinery manufacturing how by borrow its advantage to become the world's pet and a long way to go.