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Analysis of the current development of the domestic machinery industry

2016/7/12      view:

        Fasteners are the most widely used in the national economy, the most widely used mechanical parts. China fastener industry adjustment pace accelerate, from the one-sided pursuit of yield and output value, to raise the quality and brand effect on the transformation from the one-sided pursuit of large and comprehensive, to specialized, refined, the direction of change, from production to production and service changes, fastener industry concentration significantly emerged. Initially formed the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and circum Bohai Bay three fasteners industry gathering area, Jiaxing, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Suzhou, Dongguan, Xingtai, Hebei, Yongnian built a number of fastener industry base.

        Machinery industry is China's largest industrial sector, in 2011 China machinery industry accumulated total industrial output value of 1.689 billion yuan, according to customs statistics, from January to November 2011, industrial machinery import and export 5745.57 billion dollars, year-on-year growth 24.09%. Among them, imports of $2830.23, an increase of 23.34%; exports 2915.34 billion, an increase of 24.83%; import and export trade surplus of $85.11.

        Fasteners are the major parts of the machinery industry products, the development of the mechanical industry on the fastener products put forward higher requirements. It is understood that during the 12th Five Year Plan, loaders, excavators, road roller and other engineering machinery products retain volume will reach 600 million units, annual sales at around 5 million units, based on estimates, annual demand high strength fastening pieces in about 2 million to 3 million tons. Urban Rail Transit Infrastructure related to many fields of related industries, including the railway equipment manufacturing, high speed railway bearing of Railway Communication Engineering optical communication equipment, railway construction project and construction machinery, the construction of these projects will fasteners development build the bridge road.

        Including loaders, excavators, truck crane, pressure roller, forklifts, bulldozers, concrete machinery, engineering machinery products, a large number of output ranks first in the world, China has become a real world engineering machinery manufacturing power. The rapid development of machinery industry and the huge market size, provide a broad space for the development of the fastener industry. However, due to China's machinery industry in the important position in the machinery industry late, long-term lack of investment, resulting in poor foundation of the entire industry, weak foundation, weak strength. Especially with the improvement of the level of China's host, the mechanical foundation behind the host of the bottleneck phenomenon has become increasingly apparent. In recent years, although the fastener industry in the introduction of technology, technological transformation, research and development, the country has given some support, but compared with the current market demand and foreign levels, there is still no small gap.

        At present, the domestic ordinary standard fasteners have been over supply, and high-grade fasteners in short supply, but also rely on imports. High strength fastener with the improvement of the level of national industrialization and technological progress, the use of gradually increased. As the representative of the fastener, it is not only the basic industry of equipment manufacturing industry in China, but also the important foundation of the national economic construction. JIAYE machinery will also continue to maintain the level of development, and strive to become the industry benchmark enterprise.