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Baosteel Special Steel molybdenum steel pipe factory productive consumption control

2016/7/12      view:

    Special steel division steel pipe factory through strengthening the system construction, the original molybdenum mandrels inventory turnover reduced by two years ago of 550 to about 230 current and to reduce the backlog of funds of more than 130 million yuan.

    Perforation with molybdenum mandrels is steel pipe production mainly tooling, molybdenum mandrels consumption accounted for a third of the entire steel production material consumption. Therefore, two years, steel pipe factory room biotech succession formulate several molybdenum mandrels using control and management measures, clear departmental responsibilities and complete specification, molybdenum mandrels used effective rate is greatly improved. The hot piercing operation area according to production plan and molybdenum mandrels tons of steel consumption standards and, through the analysis of the previous usage, carefully put forward molybdenum mandrels demand planning, and establish the work zone molybdenum plug flow transceiver deposit ledger, of various molybdenum mandrels classification storage, to reduce molybdenum mandrels consumption to the significant role in promoting.