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Resolve excess iron and steel production capacity is to promote the whole industry to upgrade

2016/7/12      view:

       At present, the Party Central Committee and the State Council will of iron and steel industry listed as one of the focal points of the supply side structural adjustment strategy, mainly want to pass to resolve the excess iron and steel production capacity, to solve the problem of the low efficiency of industry and the future of the industry sustainable development. How to seize the the opportunity, promote the iron and steel industry structure adjustment and upgrading, do both reform and development, to achieve a breakthrough in the iron and steel industry development and construction of the iron and steel power, become placed in full before the industry is an urgent need to study and solve the problems. To achieve this goal, to resolve the excess iron and steel production capacity needs to be done in the following five aspects of the combination:

       To resolve the excess iron and steel production capacity to be combined with the comprehensive elimination of backward metallurgical equipment, to further promote the modernization of iron and steel industry equipment

       Because of the long time insufficient supply of China's iron and steel, coupled with our country is vast in territory, unbalanced regional development, market of product quality demand differences larger, creating a number of iron and steel production enterprises in our country are many and scattered, size, equipment level uneven. At present, in our country iron and steel enterprise, already has the most advanced modern large-scale enterprise group, also has the equipment behind the private small scale production enterprise.

       According to the National Bureau of statistics, as of the end of 2014, China's 11.3 tons of crude steel production capacity, accounting for more than half of the global crude steel production capacity. In such a large iron and steel production capacity, regardless of mining, mineral processing equipment, or coking, sintering iron before the process equipment and ironmaking, steelmaking process of smelting equipment and subsequent rolling equipment to become useful, a considerable part of the backward equipment. From the China Steel Association statistics, member enterprise data analysis, by the end of 2014, China Steel Association member companies, accounting for the national iron and steel production 80%) production equipment still exist below 26 hole small coke oven block 14, 35 square meters below the obsolete sintering machine 11 units, and 300 cubic meters of the following backward small high furnace seven, 49 tons of the following small converter 83 seats, 10 tons of the following electric furnace 18. From the National Bureau of statistics data, at present the independent of the iron and steel enterprises in about 500, and China Steel Association of iron and steel production enterprises 325, by 2014 the steel 8.22 million tons, steel production accounts for the steel output of 82% was calculated, and the remaining 18% yield 1.5 million tons of distribution in about 175 production of small and medium enterprises. The production of these enterprises is small, the equipment is relatively backward, the production of steel products are mainly some of the technical content and product quality is not high variety of long.

       In steel rolling equipment, at present, China's large enterprises basically realize the continuous rolling mill, automation and large-scale, international and domestic advanced level of production capacity to reach more than 70%. Hot rolling, cold rolling and seamless steel tube rolling mills in China are newly built or expanded in recent years, which have reached the level of international and domestic advanced production. But for a wide range of large type, rods, wire, steel strip, plate mill and a considerable part of the backward equipment, especially production building with bar and wire, mainly small and medium private iron and steel enterprises, these enterprises small scale production, rolling mill equipment is relatively backward. In this resolve excess capacity to strictly according to issued by the Ministry of the iron and steel industry standard conditions ", not in conformity with the specifications and conditions of enterprises, especially equipment is not up to standard requirements of blast furnace ironmaking 400 cubic meters, 30 tons of steel-making converter, electric furnace 30 tons of iron and steel smelting equipment to resolutely removed for shutting down; the backward of bar, wire and bar mill equipment and business, one is to resolutely out and shutting down, the second is to carry out technical transformation to enhance. Through this resolve excess capacity, shutting down backward small production enterprises, eliminate backward equipment, and promote the modernization of metallurgical equipment, so that China's metallurgical equipment level to a new level.

       To resolve the excess iron and steel production capacity to be combined with the structural adjustment of iron and steel products to promote the quality of products

       For a long time, the size of the basic construction of fixed investment is relatively large, fixed asset investment growth rate in recent years have maintained at 20%-30%. This steel consumption, construction steel, wire, steel products accounted for about 50% of the total amount of steel products, mainly to meet the needs of the domestic construction market. In the future, with the development of China's national economic structure adjustment, the basic construction investment will be gradually reduced, the amount of construction steel will be reduced. At the same time, China is vigorously promoting the the 2025 "of China's manufacturing, along with our country manufacturing industry development and promotion, our country mechanical wood, especially for the high quality and high quality plate, belt, type, pipe consumption will be gradually increased.

       The dissolve excess steel production capacity, must be combined with steel products, structural adjustment, according to the characteristics of China's resources, development has the characteristics of our country low alloy steel, alloy steel, improve the physical and chemical properties of the steel and promote the upgrade of the quality of the products. With high performance and high quality steel, reduce the consumption of steel in the development of the national economy and consumption, light weight, reduction of development, in particular, to meet the development of high-end machinery manufacturing.

       Currently steel products, structural adjustment, main research aspects include: high-strength construction steel, steel, automobiles, machinery, steel, high magnetic sense oriented electrical steel, resistant steel at high temperature and high pressure and corrosion resistant steel in China high-end manufacturing material research and development. At the same time, in resolve the overcapacity in the steel and eliminate backward old technology and equipment at the same time, iron and steel industry itself to develop a number of advanced technology and equipment, in order to realize the Chinese manufacturing 2025 "target, development production of high-end machinery and electronics products, laying conditions of technology and equipment.