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The development of seamless steel tube rolling tool and lubrication technology

2016/7/12      view:

    1 Long life technology tools plug

    As the long life technology of perforated plug, heat load of the plug is researched, developed the plug material.

    First, as a foundation for studies on heat load, the plug surface embedded in the melting temperature of different temperature materials, the perforation according to molten state was estimated. The results show that the top end of the top of the head with a high temperature reached 1200 degrees Celsius, but the top bar temperature at about 1050. To suppress the plug at the top of the high temperature strength and push rod of the materials and the plug of the relative slip of the friction heat, so the frictional properties of the materials and plug good is very important.

    Also as a high alloy steel plug material development, according to the previous plug material composition, by reducing CR addition amount, increase of Nb, Mo, W and co composition added, which can improve high-temperature strength and increase the thickness of the oxide film and the base material adhesion. When the common material is thin, the interface of the base material and the oxide film is relatively flat, the film thickness of the new material is used, and the interface between the substrate and the substrate is complicated, which can improve the adhesion property. Results in 13Cr stainless steel piercing plug life is 3 times that of ordinary plug. In addition, there is the use of Mo alloy plug instead of ordinary low alloy cast steel plug.

    2 lubrication technology

    Another problem in rolling high alloy steel is hot plug ankylose tools and materials. In order to solve this problem, the lubrication technology is developed. As piercer guide disc lubrication technology, due to material in the punch is rotary motion, lubricant into roll materials and between is inevitable, a small friction coefficient of the lubricant, so the development of small friction coefficient of borate lubricant.

    In addition, mandrel pipe machine and tension reducing mill is also prone to hot roll stalemate, it is reported that borate lubricant for mandrel pipe mill lubrication, the ordinary oil and lubricants for tension reducing machine lubrication